Summer Program - Middle School

Summer Program - Middle School

Camp SNBC Middle School

SNBC, in partnership with ExCEL, DCYF, Hoover Middle School, and AP Giannini Middle School will be offering our annual summer camp for incoming 6th-8th and outgoing 8th grade students. The program will feature a variety of hands-on learning activities ranging from art, academics, cooking, science, dance and more!

On the first day, students will have the opportunity to choose the one club from each of the following categories; Active, Academic, and Artistic.


 Applications are available at A.P. Giannini in Room 230 and Hoover Middle School in Room A24.

Please submit applications to these locations.

All applications are due March 22.

● Priority slots will be given to students who will be or are currently attending A.P. Giannini Middle School and Hoover Middle School in Fall Semester 2019. The outgoing 8th grade program is for student who graduated from APG and Hoover in the spring of 2019.

● Priority will be given to completed registration packets submitted by March 22nd. 

Accepted students will receive notification via school.



SNBC 現正與 ExCEL、DCYF、和AP Giannini 初中學校合作舉辦我們年度的暑期課程給予升讀6-8年級之學生。

此計劃將有多元動學習活動,範圍包括藝術、學術、烹飪、科學、舞蹈及更多! 在第一天,





● 將優先考慮到AP Giannini 初中學學生。

● 3月8日開始,獲取錄之學生將收到註冊 包或有後補通知書。







A.P. Giannini中學

3151 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122 [MAP]


開始: JUNE 10th

结束: JULY 19th


11:00AM – 5:00PM